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Challenge yourself and find a healthy dose of adventure and inspiration while spending time in some of the world’s most spectacular places.

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The mountains can be both inspirational and dangerous.  Having a trained and experienced guide is essential to an unforgettable experience.

Professionally guided

We spent most of our time with Ben, on the mountain school day and the summit day. He was really great. Encouraging, patient with a pace that was slightly slower than what may have been optimal, and really just a super guy to be roped up with for 12 hours. A real pleasure to climb with him.

Kirk L. from June 9th Climb of Mt. Rainier via DC

Was on the rope team with Ben on summit day, and this guy is among the best guides I have worked with in my 5 years of climbing with a variety of guiding services. He was efficient on the steep ice, gave clear suggestions and tailored the pace and goals in a discrete and effective manner throughout the day. working with 2 climbers, I never saw him miss a step with the station transitions, rope management, or through dynamic situations the day offered. Was nice and upbeat throughout and met us where we were, focused on success from a supportive and instructive posture. Great guy.

Jason J. from July 20th climb of Mt. Baker via North Ridge

While all of the guides were great, I was on Ben’s rope team for both Shuksan and the Baker-North Ridge climb earlier in the week, so had my most extensive interactions with him. He is an excellent guide. Safety was always his number one priority, but he also looked for ways to challenge me to help me grow as a climber. He spent a lot of time coaching and educating along the climbs, and I was very impressed with his technical skills. I’d love to climb with him again.

Tony M. July 23rd. Mt. Shuksan via Fisher Chimneys

Find the Right Trip

There are many ways to explore the mountains.  Find the right fit for your goals and experience.

Part of the mountains appeal are the endless possibilities they provide.  From a never ending spectrum of difficulty to the various mountain crafts, finding a program and progression that suits your interests is key to a worthwhile experince.

Within the three main mountain disciplines of rock climbing, alpine climing and skiing are a countless number of subtleties.

Do you prefer the mental challange of gruling high-altitude mountineering or would you rather have a leisurely morning and spend a day in the sun pursuing a high level strength and balance on a rock climb.   Or maybe your interests are in exploring places few people see: the alpine glaciers or secluded groves of alpine spruce, hiding endless stashes of untouched powder.

Learn the skills

Get the knowledge to be safe contributing member of the team.

To become a true master in the mountains would require a lifetime, but to be an safe participant in many climbs doesn’t take mastery.

There is a wide range of prerequisites for any trip.  Some are great for beginners and some may take a several years of learning to be ready for.

Get in touch and we can disscuss your goals and how to build a progression to get you to where you want to be.

Recent programs

Find some inspiration from recent trips and check out how conditions are shaping up.


Great climb everyone.  Had a blast working with everyone.  Feel free to shoot me a message if any questions come up. This was a four day summit climb with RMI.  In this program you will spend an evening and the next day preparing for...


Great climbing with everyone.  Sorry for the delay getting these posted.  If anyone wants higher resolution copies give me a shout. This was a four day summit climb with RMI.  In this program you will spend an evening and the next...


Great climbing with everyone.  Sorry about the delay getting this posted. This was a four day summit climb with RMI.  In this program you will spend an evening and the next day preparing for the 4000 foot hike up to Camp Muir.  From...

Mt. Baker Ski and Climb with RMI Expeditions

Great job everyone.  Congrats on making RMI's first ski program on Mt. Baker a success.  I had a great time working with everyone. See a photo you like.  Give me a shout and I can get you a better resolution copy. This was part of a 3-Day climbing and skiing program...

Coopers Spur Ski Descent, Mt. Hood

Great day out with the brother.  We encountered a cloud cap above 9500-ft that made descending the first couple hundred feet exciting.  Descending into the clouds on a 1000-foot line with steep exposed terrain and cliffs was exciting to say the least.  But...

Mt. Rainier Summit Climb – 5/12/18

In the words of Adam Knoff: "fastest climb in 18 years."  Need I say more?  Great to meet everyone and it was a pleasure to climb with such a strong team. This was a four day summit climb with RMI.  In this program you will spend an...

Mt. Rainier Summit Climb – 5/8/18

What a great first climb of the season.  Perfect weather and a very fast route up the Ingraham Glacier. This was a five day summit climb with RMI.  In this program you will spend an evening and the next day preparing for the 4000 foot hike up to Camp Muir.  From...

Spring Ice Climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Spring conditions in the park are great for some alpine ice climbing.  Late in the season much of the ice has experienced a level of sublimation which gives it a very different character from what your going to see in newly formed water ice.  Our brief...

British Columbia Ski Touring

  Pemberton, BC  

Welcome to Powopolis…

Stevens Pass, WA Not PowTown. Not PowVillie.  But yes... Powopolis. Picked the right time to head to Washington for some professional development and skiing.  Over the 4 days out on Stevens Pass it snowed about 4-feet.  This made for some interesting avalanche cycles...

Tis the season

Spring Skiing and mountineering

Conditions have a huge impact on the success of a trip.  Come spring, the snow makes for really enjoyable apline climbing and ski mountineering.

With mild temps, rock climbing is great this time of year as well.


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