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Onto the race (sailboat) course



I’ve spent a lot of time on the racecourse, but far to little as a photographer.  Usually coaching or racing, the number of missed opportunities has become depressingly long.

Of course, having an idea of what would make the perfect shot and actually pulling it off is another story.  Finding the right angle, as the spray erupts, the crew grimaces and the fleet poses in the background is almost as much luck as savvy.

A long lens helps.  One with some built in stabilization too.  There were several times while out shooting the PHRF races on Minnesota’s St. Croix river when I was clicking away one handed while still bouncing along on a plane in my 15 foot inflatable tripod trying to get the right angle.  One of those times where you just hold down the trigger and hope the rapid fire finds a gap in the shaking.

I love it, the best angle is usually as the boats are coming right at you or a little to windward.  It’s a fine line between getting it perfect and making everyone a little anxious as you hammer the throttle to safety, I joke.

All and all, it went well, I think.  The light air made keeping up easy and put an emphasis on more artful fleet and sunset shots with little opportunity for intense closeups of crew work and spray.  Well have to wait till next time to really put the pedal down.

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