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Beauty is in the eye of… the 600mm lens

All I’ve been thinking about lately is shooting sailboats, and its kind of depressing.  I don’t have a 600mm lens, nor can I afford one.  But when it comes down to it, it is almost a necessity…

Sailboats are pretty aesthetic in their own right, but most magazines are not interested in the just the boat.  They are interested in the whole package, the crew, the boat, the water, the background… the experience.  Needless to say, the more wind, the more waves, the more crazy, the more better.

So when your trying to get perfect angle in some heavy wind, with a boat screaming down on top of you, you need to be pretty far away to avoid effecting that experience.

Now if you want to pull of a shot that catches every drop of sun lit spray as it lands on the drivers grimacing face, well, you need a pretty long one.  Unless of course your on-board, but to pull that one off you usually need to have plenty of cred from shooting off-board.

…But once your on board, your getting hit by the sun lit spray too… and need a $1200 water harness.

Queue the worlds smallest violin…

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