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Newer’s not always better

lunarossaac7213cb_043682For just about anything, taking it to the limit provides at least some kind of useful insight.  It exaggerates difference, highlighting imbalances or inequalities that aren’t readily apparent.

This year in the Americas cup we have Team Oracle to thank for pushing the technological limit… and making for some pretty unexciting sailboat racing.

In the past minor crew work or boat speed inequalities have been eclipsed by tactics and strategy making for the intense competition sailing fans are used to.  It’s to bad the 34th Americas cup has ruined it.

As the AC72’s approach 40 knots, the most minute differences in boat design or crew work dominate and boat speed becomes the sole arbiter of success.  There is no room for tactics until the boat speeds become comparable but as the engineers push new frontiers the sailors are struggling to keep up.

It just goes to show that new and shiny is not always better.  There are time for spectacles but one of sports most prestigious competitions is not one to be sensationalized.

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