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Too much of a good thing.

I usually don’t agree when people say there can be too much of a good thing but this weekends Laser sailing proved me wrong.

With gusts topping out at 47mph this Saturday at the Chicago Yacht Club’s Jimmy Talbot Regatta, the 8 races proved to be a little too much of a good thing.

I guess I should have seen it coming with a race officer who’s used to big boats, but seriously dude, without several thousand pounds of keel to keep the boat upright, you get tired.  He seemed pretty proud of himself for keeping the races rolling so fast but he sure didn’t empathize with the guys at the back of the fleet.  With a new sequence starting as the last boat finished the poor guys at the back was racing nearly continuously.

It was pretty funny when the wind really started ripping.    Like clockwork a few of the more vengeful gusts coming off the Chicago skyline put over five or six boats at a time.

I’m still kicking myself for forgetting the GoPro.  But heres a fun one from last time it went out.

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