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2,500-feet of Powder on the West Face of Mt. Democrat

Skied a exposed technical line on the N. Rib of Mt. Arkansa on April 22 late in the day.  Made for crusty nerve-racking skiing.  A non-energetic wind slab was encountered high on the line.  It was nearly bombproof but was able to step down through 3 to 4 layers of 1 to 2 inch wind deposition events.  Crown was only 5 ft across.

April 23 brought 3-4 inches of fresh blower powder to the region making for spectacular skiing.  Light wind left the new blower snow intact up until around 12,500-feet where we encountered spectacular spines from the upslope flow.

The new snow in the evening seemed to insulate the 24-30 inches of rounding snow from the last storm and prevented a substantial crust from forming.  Made fore SPECTACULAR skiing: 2,500-feet of 25-50 degree chargeable powder.


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