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Holy Cross

A nice weather window last weekend made for some great exploring near the Mount of the Holy Cross.  Spectacular views of the ‘bowl of tears’ in the Cross-Notch cirque as well as some fun moderate snow climbing.  One of my new favorite ranges, it’s nothing like the southern Sawatch, the rock resembles that of areas in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The highly featured granite and schist are very claimable and worth coming back for a closer look.

The proper cross was not quite in safe condition this late in the year for a solo adventure but there were still some fun snow fields hiding in a few of the more northerly cols.

A bivy at 13,900 is well worth it.  Don’t bring a tent.  Twilight brings a wave of spectacular motion.  For two hours after the sun touches the horizon, the boulders come alive with mosquito hunting moths and bats.  Inches from your head the wiz of millions of tiny fighter planes is something to behold.  A refreshing sight in such highly trafficked mountains–so much life so completely disconcerted but so completely aware of your presence.

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