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It’s your first time in the Black? Why not follow the Vector?

Ari: “more like… my first time in the black, why not shoot my self in the face.”

She did awesome after we got through the Vector.  Just a little heady to clean if your limit is Black Canyon 5.9.  Of course the mental crux is followed by a pretty sustained 200-footer with… maybe three 5.9/.9+ sections and a bit of 5.10.

At least there was a nice comfy patio between the two for some good R&R 😉

Escape artist was pretty stellar, especially if your a fan of varied dihedral climbing.  I still enjoy Comic Relief more for the grade.  While Comic has a harder move or two the traversing nature of Escapes Vector pitch added a mental game to the route that could catch one of guard.  I was also too tall to squish myself under the roof on the vector and hand traversed low down with minimal slippery feet.

The vector was awesome climbing, but I’m not a huge fan of that much 5.9 stemming over the next 250-feet of climbing.

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